Delta School Board Trustee since 1988

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Experience. Passion. Diligence.

What Saip stands for:

“I believe that School Boards across this Province have become embroiled in confrontational fights over funding rather than setting a strong fiscal policy that recognizes that School Boards are not meant to be a lobby or activist organization, but are legally mandated to live within their means, which we have been able to do in Delta, while at the same time delivering programs to students. “

“The Academy programs we have created allow us to keep enrolment at a levels that prevent school closures due to declining enrolment, and are intended to be revenue neutral. There are costs involved and those expenses need to be covered so providing special privilege based on residency would put a strain on other programs (special needs etc.) and defeat the purpose of what has been created. I am pleased with the Academy scholarship offerings by our District that provided so students are no denied entry on inability to pay.”

“Our International Student program has allowed us to continue to provide a high level of educational offerings in Delta without having to compromise our neighbourhoods by closing schools. I very much support this initiative.”

 “It is my opinion that as the conduit and recipient of the Lower Mainland's garbage, sewage, train traffic, ferry traffic, and container shipments, that Delta should have the very best in recreational facilities to benefit our youth and general populace. Unfortunately we are near the bottom of the pile when it comes to fields and recreational opportunities”

“Delta is in need of a comprehensive Parks and Rec. strategy that encompasses ALL public lands whether school or city property. Since first being elected in 1987 I have been a advocate for joint use agreements and development of public facilities and have had success at some levels and frustration at others. If re-elected I will continue to advocate for true value for taxpayer dollars in this regard. “

“First and foremost a Trustee is an advocate for the taxpayer. Some of whom have children in our schools, but most do not and thus a disconnect with the system. Our elected responsibility is to find and hire the best possible people to run and administer our District within the means provided, and let these qualified folks do their job.”

It is no use saying ‘We are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.
— Winston Churchill